Why I'm using my background as a BBC Television producer to create unique, fun and exciting literacy programmes for children. 

Rehannah Mian. Award Winning Children's Book Author and Children's Literacy Specialist. 


The Award Winning Martha and Chris Great Space Adventure. The Rhyming Adventure, Colouring Book. 

Do you remember the thrill of hearing your favourite story told to you in the most fun and lively way? Me too! I'll never forget the brilliance of Rik Mayall reading George's Marvellous Medicine on Jackanory when I was a kid, and so I know the impact that hearing a story can have on a child. 


Live Storytelling is thrilling experience that children are rarely exposed to today and so I created Magical Storybook to keep the magic of stories close to their hearts. The fact that 1 in 4 children in the UK have not reached basic literacy levels by the time they start school is directly related to the fact they they are not as connected to books and stories as I was as a child, and so that is something that that I really wanted to change. 

For fifteen years, I produced television programmes for the BBC. At the same time I also tutored the children of family and friends who were falling behind at school. During this time I discovered how I was able to increase my tutees interest in reading and writing by using the things that they loved doing, and connecting those activities to words on pages. Using this method of teaching resulted in all of my tutees increasing their school grades and engaging more at school. I became in demand by the parents of children who were also struggling, and I created a business tutoring children, using the same playful and interactive methods.

I now dedicate my time to running the Magical Storybook Engage in Books programme in schools. It is a programme that get kids reading through group theatrical play - play that is based around classic storybooks and their characters. I've brought all the skills that I learned making prime time BBC1 television programmes, to bring exciting and interactive events 

I have also just published the first in a series of exciting adventure books for children, for which, I have won four awards. The Martha and Chris Great Space Adventure which is a fantastic colouring storybook for children aged 3-7 years old. The books are designed to create playful activities around reading and we're happy to announce that they will be on sale from 1st December 2019. 

You can find out more about the Martha and Chris Great Adventure Books by clicking the button below.

From Television Producer to Award Winning Author and Storyteller

Location: Nottingham, England

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