Magical Storybook's Engage in Books Programme

We successfully get even the most reluctant reader to engage with reading, increasing their SAT scores. 


Just £150 for a 1hr Introductory workshop.

£295 for a half day reading literacy building workshop - dramatic storytelling KS1 

£295 for a half day reading literacy building workshop - audio story creating KS2 

£450 for a 1 day literacy building workshop KS1 + KS2

£1400 for a 6 x half day workshop package KS1 + KS2

£2500 for a 6 day workshop package KS1 + KS2

In the UK, 1 in 4 children are currently not reaching the required literacy levels that they are expected to have reached by the time they start school. There are two major reasons for this. 

1. A quarter of parents aren't bringing books into the home any more.

2. Imaginative play has been taken of of the learning process in many primary schools. 

Research shows that if a child hasn't reached expected literacy levels by the time they start school, that they are twice as likely to be unemployed at the age of 34. 

Magical Storybook's Engage in Books Literacy programme was created from the 15 years of experience that we have gained by tutoring children who were reluctant to read, and therefore falling behind at school. 

We found that literacy issues were mostly prominent in young boys who associated books with failure, as they weren't able to read or write as well as their friends. 

We discovered that by encouraging the child to pursue their own interests, and to promote guided play during the tutoring sessions, that we could eventually get all of the children engaging in books that related to that play activity.

This playful activity successfully put them on the path to reaching much higher literacy levels. 

The key to getting the most reluctant readers to engage with books is to use the tool of 'play.' 


As a result of our successfully engaging children with books through play and games, and the popular activity of creating podcast audio stories, we developed a 6 week literacy programme that is completely centred around the concept of play. 


For KS1 children, we bring the books alive in a drama-led way, and get them to become the characters and to meet the other characters in the story. We use the energy that the KS1 age children have, and their instinct to play and explore to guide them through the process of storytelling, how stories develop, and what makes characters so exciting. 

For KS2 children, we guide them to make their own podcast style audio stories, which immerses them in the creative process of storytelling, and sounding out words etc. This type of workshop creates excitement in every child, as they get to use technology and their voices to create their own stories. This is a very innovative approach to increasing reading literacy in children as is highly successful in engaging KS2 age children. 


While they are having fun, the children are guided as a group, or in small groups to create their own stories, and explore the characters along the way. Confidence is naturally increased in the children, and they start to expand their vocabulary. They become more creative with storytelling as they decide what happens next in their particular story. 

We have found that the children are so excited by their storytelling activities that they want to create more stories, name their characters, and explore their imaginations further. They are ask about what they can infer from what has just happen in the story, and stop to learn how to connect sounds with spelling. They become familiar with repeated words they haven't heard before, and we stop to learn how to spell them using phonics.  During the Engage in Books programme for schools, the barrier between the reluctant reader and books is broken down, and the relationship is strengthened - leading to improved literacy levels in that child, and an achievement of higher SAT scores across the class. 

If you are ready to see reading literacy levels increase in your school then book a free 15 min call with us to find out how we can help.

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