The Martha and Chris Great Space Adventure 

The Book That Gets kids Reading! 

"My 5 year old son was enthralled. He insisted on taking it to school with him." - Rhiane Kirkby - Parent. 

"The children absolutely love it! They really enjoy deciding where the story goes. We love it."  - Julie Marshall - Primary School Teacher, Yorkshire

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Enjoy a Narrated and Animated Version of Magical Storybook's Martha and Chris Great Space Adventure.

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The Martha and Chris Great Space Adventure Book

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The Martha and Chris Great Space Adventure is the first in the series of exciting Martha and Chris rhyming storybooks.

Follow the adventures of our two explorers and decide where they will go next. As a bonus feature, the children can colour in the pictures and add their own drawings to the pages.

It's fun all the way as children create their own special adventures that can be repeated again and again.

Recommended for ages 6+

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