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Magical Storybook: English Nanny Bedtime Stories was launched in January 2020 by author, and former BBC journalist, Rehannah Mian. She searches for popular, and long-forgotten medieval fairytales from around the world, and brings them back to life for people to hear again.

Her passion for history led her to discover many globally forgotten medieval and Tudor historical people of colour - scientists, folklore heroes, and 'influencers' of their day, so she now writes stories about them, which celebrate their lives, and show children around the world that heroes can look like them .
Mia and the Curse of Camelot is the first of her series of books in the Mia series, and centres around forgotten African folklore hero, Sir Morien - who was once renowned for being King Arthur's strongest knight.

It is Magical Storybook's mission to ensure that every child in the world can enjoy the happiness and escapism that fairytales from their country can bring them. No child should ever miss out because of financial barriers.


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We have a global following over over 1.6 Million children in 200+ countries, and have partnered with the biggest children's brands in the world. If you would like to look at opportunities to work with us to promote your own brands, audio stories, or books, then please visit our Partner with us page.